How can I speed up my scene?

So I’m making a minecraft animation and there is a large terrain. The terrain is made up of a lot of blocks. The viewport is pretty fast but when I try to select, move, duplicate or delete stuff, it pauses for a few seconds before doing the command. What can I do to optimize the scene so the workflow is more smooth?

What’s the specs of your computer?

Windows xp
3gb ram
Intel Core 2
Radeon X1650, 512MB
8 yr old computer ftw!

Wow… Um… You might need to upgrade a bit…
I had a one that was worse than that. I upgraded and now have no problems

Works pretty nicely though, but it would take me working 2 full summers to get a nice new computer with good specs.

Dude… It took me four years to get a new computer… you can do it… :slight_smile:

But memory (RAM) and a good graphics card and a good processor is the key thing to a good one.