How can I split one object into two?

I’m a new blender user, and I keep having this problem. I create new objects without deselecting the old ones, and I end up with two meshes that blender treats as one object. Is there some way I can split one object into two? Some sort of anti-join?

go into editmode.

Hover the mouse-curser over one object. Hit L to select linked. One of the Objects ( the one you pointed at) shoud be selected. Hit P and choose Selected. Now you have 2 separate Objects…

Have fun!


here’s some useful tools:
Enter Edit mode
select one vertex and with mouse cursor over the mesh press L key to select
all the others linked to this one
Then you can do P key to SEPARATE the mesh in two different objects
With Y key you SPLIT ( brake) the selected vertices

There is also another cool thing like that in blender. try to select a face/verties and press V button… very useful :smiley:

But anyway…to awinner: Do as BackBone tells you to do… :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!

(I did try to search out an answer, but “object”, “split”, “divide”, “separate” didn’t generate very relevant results.)

Create new objects in Object mode = it’s just a TAB away. That way they’re always seperate :wink: