How can I start modeling for my objectives, and what are good exercise for modeling?

Hi, now that I know that Blender is pretty much the program I was searching for, I want to know how can I start modeling knowing that main objectives are basically 3:

  1. my first objective is to model characters for videogame (my main objective is to reach the fire emblem three houses level of modeling, here a link for one of the model), so long time ago, when I started learning how to draw, I started to learn anatomy and I’m nearly at the end of it, but I don’t know if that’s enough for modeling or if there is way more to do.

  2. The second objective is similar to the first, but this time with monster, dragons or stuff like that, I found a video online where it show the process of someone modeling a monster thingy and he start by firstly drawing it and than modeling it with the help of that drawing, is that how I can model monster/dragon?
    And do you have any tips to make the final result be more like I though in my head.

  3. The last objective is about modeling items, that being weapon, armor, clothes or pretty much everything, and in this regard I really am clueless on how to do it, is the process similar to the first?

Anyway lastly I want to ask how I can start to learn modeling, how to exercise it and what I particularly have to learn for each point, and do you think it is better if I firstly end up learning how to draw and then proceed to model or it okay to do both of them together (don’t worry about time).
If you have any good link to good books/videos that pretty much teach everything that I listed I would really appreciate it!

Thank really much in advance!

  1. Your models look very nice, you can always learn more but I think you’re already there.
  2. Modeling monsters is easier than human characters because you’re not bound to some fixed patterns, just combine hard surface with sculpting. Remesh is an important feature when sculpting, but for a game-ready asset you should also look into the Decimate modifier to lower the poly count.
  3. For items, hard surface should do it, maybe sculpt a bit whenever needed. This is a good tutorial:

Just play around with all the tools Blender can offer and look for stuff you don’t understand. Getting used to Blender and knowing what to use and when is more important than some exact tutorial.

An overall workflow:

  • model some stuff
  • rig it if it’s a character and you want to animate it
  • add in some materials or use existing ones
  • correctly UV unwrap your work
  • bake some textures and normal maps that will be used in-game (that is tranforming all your work and materials into something the game can render because games won’t be able to use Blender materials and other specifics)
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Model and texture objects that you physically have in your home/office that you can hold in your hands and inspect all over. Trying to model crap that you merely have reference images of cannot compete with the real world for reference. Simply keep at it until you have exact replicas in Blender of what you are holding in your hands. Having a digital caliper is highly recommended for measuring things. Good luck on your journey.

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Thanks really much for the detailed answer, It gave me a nice push to start modeling!
Anyway, unfortunately that 3d model was not mine, it is one of the official model of the original game and pretty much the level of character model I want to reach.

Thank you again for the help, I really appreciate it!

Actually when I started drawing everyone said I had to start with real life model, I did that and that worked magnificently, so I suppose I’m gonna do the same with modeling, thank really much for the help, I really appreciate it!