How can I start?

I want to create the models of my game,I want to use lender because it’s free and open source…but I’m a programmer I need a easy and complete tutorial can you tell me some good tuts to begin?

I like the blender underground has basics for modeling and gnome also has basic tutorials. . I do not know about complete… there is also the blender wiki manual.

I viewed a lot of tutorials on you tube,just be specific in what you are looking for I started withe the body then I found a tutorial to make a face ( that will deliver you to the face can use his face,take a pick of you’re self or go to ( they have everything there from starwars to insect’s check it out,its lot of help. I improvised on the hands and feet…I only finished one model.I also found a detailed tutorial on you tube if you type in blender tutorials series on google search you will find it.Its a detailed tutorial cot a lot of small pointer out of it but I newer finished viewing it. hope I help a bit. Good luck.