How can I stop Blender from joining new objects?

Hi all, I’m new to Blender and just started doing the online tutorials, but I’m having a slight issue I’m hoping someone can help me resolve.

The tutorials are pretty specific about how to switch back and forth between Edit and Object modes, and most of them instruct you on how to Add->Mesh->Something, then switch back to Object mode and select the new object. The problem I’m having is that Blender seems to be automatically be Joining the objects every time I create a new one, so I can’t select an individual object, just the entire blob. The tutorials don’t seem to touch on this, so I’m guessing either it’s a new feature or I’ve screwed up a setting somewhere. Anyone know how I fix it?

Make sure you’re adding your new objects in Object mode. If you Add->Whatever in Edit mode, your addition becomes part of the selected mesh.

once your are in the object mode deselect the object you have made by pressing the Key -A once. then add your new object. you can tell to tell if an object is slected in object mode it is highlighted in pink. :smiley:

happy blendering

ahh! That explains a lot, thank you :smiley: