how can I switch off a lamp in animation?

(endi) #1

I want to make a flashing (bad) lamp in my animation. How can I do it? I want very fast flashing. One flash/2 frame. So:
frame 1: on
frame 2: off

(Koryo) #2

Hello endi,

The two methods that come to mind are animating the energy or the layer.
Either method will work nicely. For the layer method:

  • Insert a layer kerframe on the light when you want it to start flashing.
  • Advance two frames and move it to a layer that will not be visible in
    your final render. (m -> layer -> enter)
  • Add a layer keyframe here.
  • Advance two more frames, move it back to its original layer, and keyframe it.
  • Change a window to the IPO display while the lamp is selected.
  • Select the layer curve, and set its extend mode to cyclic extrapolation.

This method will make the light blink forever. To create a definite start and
end to the flashing just keyframe the energy as well.

I hope this helps,

(RipSting) #3

Yes, pretty much what Koryo said. I generally render all my layers when I make an animation though. You can keyframe the light’s intensity by placing your cursor in the Light Buttons (F4) with the light selected and pressing I.

(ray_theway) #4

Here’s a simpler way. Add control points in the IPO window every frame for light energy from 0 to 1, 0 to 1, etc. every other frame. Then select the IPO and change the type to constant (Press T, select constant). This should work. If you try it, you’ll see the constant type should give you what you want. This would be best if you wanted more frames between the on and off (off, 2, 3, 4, on, 6, 7, 8, off, 10,…)