How can I sync startup file via dropbox

I work on several computers and would like to keep my startup file synced across them. I regularly change my startup file so ideally I would like Blender 2.8 to save the startup file to a location on my dropbox and to look for it there when starting. Is this possible?

If not, manually copying and installing the startup file everytime I start working on another machine would be acceptable, but I’m not having much luck even finding the file. Where is it stored?

(I know Blender Cloud used to have a sync service, but as far as I can tell that never made it to 2.8, did it?)

It depends on your OS :slight_smile: ?

I guess you already have a directory in your computer which is automatically synchronised with your DropBox ? It so, what you could do is creating a Symbolic Link in the Blender Config Folder, pointing to the file inside the Drop Box folder (It works like a link redirection : Blender would go in the real config folder, and trying to open the config file which would actually be the SymLink, it would be “redirected” to another location which is the “real” file in the DropBox folder)

See you :slight_smile: ++

Ah yes, how silly, forgot to mention the OS is Windows 10.

That sounds like a workable solution. I’m still unclear where the startup file is located though.

C:\Users(your user name)\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.80\config

Replace C: with whatever drive you’re using. Replace (your user name) with your user name. Replace 2.80 with whatever Blender you’re using.

It also depends on the install if it’s portable or not.
More details to be found here

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Not portable, so that location was correct. Have the symlinks in place and it all works now.

Thanks guys!