How can I turn "shadeless" on?

(Jackc) #1

I’m a new user of Blend, and I’m learning how to use it by following the tutorial of how to make a shockwave. In the tutorial the author requires me to turn “shadeless” on after I press the “material” button, however, I couldn 't find that option even after searching for it for 30 minutes. Can someone please help me out?

Your help will be most appreciated. Thank you.

Jackc :frowning:

(tordat) #2

Right in the middle of the Material Button window, there is a column with eleven pale purple buttons. The third from the top is the Shadeless one.

If there are no buttons in the Material Button window, you didn’t asign a material to your object ( In the header of the Buttons window there is a small button with a stroke, press it and choose Add new or an other existing material.)

If you have asigned a material and the Shadeless button isn’t visible, you have probably set the material to Halo.

(Jackc) #3

I’m sorry :frowning: , but I still can’t find the button, even the ones you mentioned. I think I’ll need a manual that tells me where every buttom is so that I can follow the tutorials. Can you please tell me where I can download the manual for Blender? I feel like lost in a big maze when I run Blender.



(theeth) #4

You should try the Juicy Blender tutorials. It is very geared toward newbies, and it explains everything in quite a number of details.


(Jackc) #5

ok. Where can I find it?

(tordat) #6

Go to Noob problem topic (below your topic)
I just posted the link (in theeth name) :smiley:

(Jackc) #7

Thank you :stuck_out_tongue: