How can I use a curve to move vertices or align geometry?

Let’s say I have a set of blueprints with crossections. I can draw some curves based on them. Next, I’d like to create/move/adjust/rotate/etc some geometry that should repeat parts of these curves in the correct crossections and in correct parts. Blender has such a very useful retopo feature as “snap to face/edge”, but, unfortunately, I could not find a way to apply it to curves.
Does anyone know how do I do that?

you can convert your curve to a mesh with Alt C

Thank you, this works. If there are any more ways, I’d like to learn of them.

Meanwhile, can I change the color of the resulting lines? It’s just black for now, no matter if I change “Viewport color” in Cycle renderer’s Material properties.

Still interested in means to colorise the blueprint-copied lines. Any advice would be welcome.