How can I use F-Curve with Logic Bricks?

Hey there :wink:
You sure all know, that you can set keyframes for values (fe. light strenght) by placing your cursor over the value and pressing “I”. But somehow this doesn’t work with fe. the Simple Motion Logic Brick (or generally Logic Bricks). Is there any way to use this feature with Logic Bricks - Because I would really need this right now :frowning:

Under actuators you can find the F-Curve actuator. Type in the start and the endframe.


Mh, no that’s not what I meant.
You know, you can control values with the F-Curve (Example:
How to use this with Motion Controls in BGE (?)

I don’t understand what you want to do. With the Simple Motion actuator you only can move objekts (lamp, cube, camera,…) around. You cant change values with it. If you make a motion keyframe to a objekt an play the keyframe then the Simple Motion actuator can’t work at the same time.


Basically, I want to control the motion speed with the F-Curve.

That is not possible in Logic Bricks. As I have written in my previous post, you can’t change values with an F-Curve. The only solution is to make an F-curve of an object (slider, Empty), read the value of F-Curve in Python and change the value of the moving speed with it.