How can I use 'Haircreated' objects in the GE?

Hey blenderers,
I made an object, a wheatfield, using the hair-particle system.
This is a static system so I wondered: Can I use this object in my game-engine-world.
Starting the GE (“P”) my wheatfield just turns into a plane (the emittor of the field).
So this is no good.

OK, then I exported the field into a .obj format and imported it back again.
Now, after pressing P, I got my wheatfield like it was (except I lost all materials on the way).
Anyway, you can use this created object in the GE!

I 'd like to know if there is an other (better) way to do this.

Greatings to you

You could just apply the particle modifier to convert it to a mesh.

Won’t that be an awfully high number of polys?

Highly detailed realtime grass is hard to do. It’s just to resource intensive.
Take a look at this. It’s your best solution for a problem like this.

Not necessarily you can easily adjust the poly count by toying around with the values on the particle panel until you get something manageable.

But I have to agree with GGentzel, that on most cases using alpha texture are usually a better alternative for vegetation. Depending on exactly what you’re doing.

Thank for your reactions,

I agree, the polycount will be very high and alpha textures are better in most cases.

I just used the particlemodifier and this worked well (didn’t know it excisted).