How can I use 'Mental Ray' with Blender?


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How can I use ‘Mental Ray’ with Blender?

Where are the tutorials?

Good question. The renderers that work with Blender that I’m aware of include Indigo, Yafray, Yaf(a)ray, Kerkythea, RIB Mosaic into Pixie or Aqsis, and Lux render. Did I miss any? I don’t think Mental Ray is on the list.

Through RibMosaic all Renderman compliant of which 3delight offers a free license for personal use.
Not to forget Luxrender
Have a look at Blental for Mental Ray output.
Never tried it myself.


Thank you, IamInnocent. So Mental Ray is possible through both RCRuiz’s build and RIB Mosaic? Oh, and Sunflow, too.

So you can render with
Blender Internal
Mental Ray
RIB Mosaic to
…Mental Ray

Any more?

@surasa_su, I know of tutorials for Indigo, Kerkythea, and Yafray. There’s an article in BlenderArts Magazine on Sunflow.

I haven’t been clear maybe and you counted Mental Ray twice but it certainly is not Renderman compliant.
Other Renderman compliant would be PRMan, obviously, Air and the other one I always forget the name. :wink:
<edit> Let’s not forget PovRay</edit>

Well, off the top of my head,

Some of these appear dead…, but, they are worth mentioning :smiley:

There is:

  1. Renderlight Renderer - >Here< - Blender Exporter.

  2. Radium - >Here< - Blender Exporter.

  3. toxic - >Here< - Exporter on forums…?

  4. I know that maxwell has been used with blender, via .obj, And I believe that fryrender would work as well, though I’ve not seen a render via fryrender…

Here & Here

Its often forgotten, but don’t forget ‘Freestyle’… :wink: - >Here<

If I recall Sunflow has a list of some lesser known renderers that may or may not be blender - render(able)…

Here it is! —


Note: My intention wasn’t to continue in a direction other than the original poster intended, but I like renderers… :smiley: