How can I use old versions of UPBGE?

Hi, I would like to know if I could somehow use old versions of UPBGE, I am very interested in the platform, but my computer is not the best and using the latest version of UPBGE I can do almost nothing because of the performance of my computer :confused:

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upbge is fairly new, as in 2.76 or so. not sure how far back you need to go, but i use normal bge 2.74 and its very very capable.

just a few graphics features and bonus api features are missing.

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I have a link to every single old version that you can use both 32 and 64 bit versions of the Engine !!!

Lemme get the links by tomorrow then i’ll post it here, if u go to the website they’ll only give u the ones they want you to have they don’t have from 0.2.2 and older !!!


I have this folder added to my drive that has every UPBGE release up to 0.2.3. Not sure who the owner is. Hope it helps! :slight_smile:

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Man, this is gold, I was looking for it! This should’ve been the download page in, not the MEGA one, which only has Windows 0.2.3 and 0.2.4 versions. Thanks. :wink:


Thanks for the link. I have updated the Mega repository with the old builds.


thks buddy i also lost the link lol so now i’ll save the link again.

But thks one again.


Why not uploading the builds on Github releases page, then link from UPBGE’s website download section to the latest release page? It would look a lot better and would attach the releases to the repository (which is good and easier to manage, in my opinion).

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@WKnight02 has a buildbot somewhere with releases of upbge

I have not skimmed over his sources yet tho but I believe it’s not touched.

I was trying to edit the former releases for adding the builds but i think i dont have enough rights to do it (the edit button didn’t appear to me).

@joelgomes1994 I totally agree, it should be first on GitHub releases.

I tentatively configured a fork to automatically build and upload from the sources when a tag is created on the repository (usually when a new release is being created, a tag is made for it).

You can see the result of this work on the following page:

I have been using AppVeyor since they provide Windows and Ubuntu support.

You can find the current configuration here:

I had to work on this fork because I need to be an organization owner in order to attach the CI/CD service to the repository. I don’t have such permissions for the UPBGE repository.

Since most of the heavy lifting is already done, I would encourage people to open Pull Requests and keep improving the automated build on this fork (

Please note that I can review contributions, but I don’t think I will actively invest more of my time on this.

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