how can I use "real electric motor"?

Hi everyone,

I’m going to make a humanoid in Blender game engine 64bit ver. 2.70a on Mac 10.9.4.

I’m testing the behavior of the motion actuator. I have three objects in my Blender 3D view for testing, let’s say; Hip, Thigh, Shin. Hip is static. Thigh is rigid body and connected to Hip by Generic 6 Dof. Shin is also rigid body and connected to Thigh by Generic 6 Dof. So that Thigh and Shin make a knee. Shin has a logic actuator - motion - simple motion. It looks like a hanged leg. :smiley:

I start applying torque to Shin, the knee is bending. – it’s OK.
When Shin rotated it’s limit I’d set to the Generic 6 Dof, Thigh start to rotate with Shin. – this is my problem.

I think the torque to Shin is applied from the “world”.
How can I apply torque to Shin from Thigh?

In the real world, Thigh does not rotate with Shin after the rotate limit came because the motor attached to Thigh, not world.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.