How can i use the ActionEditor to handle shapekeys?

I know i can make bone drivers for them, and then manipulate the bones in the action editor.
But this is a lot of extra work if i have a lot of shapekeys to deal with.
Also even if i’m good with dealing the the shapekeys animation using the default sliders, the shapekeys animation will influence all animations i have on that armature.

To clarify first…:
Your subject mentions shape keys, then you write you can make bone drivers for them. Who is “them”? Bones can be posed, but there are no shape keys. Maybe you’re referring to the similar pose library?
Regarding the title only, you can not use the action editor to edit shapekeys, but you can switch to the shapekey editor:

Your last sentence is a statement, but I don’t know what to do with it. Could you please explain?

You might also be interested in this recent addon. Real timesaver by the looks of it:

Sorry for the late reply, The shapekey editor is exactly what i wanted! Don’t know how i missed that. Thanks a lot! XD

Thanks man this addon looks awesome! It can save me so much time :slight_smile: