How can I view multiple cameras views? Or how can I set the exact viewing angle?


I’m trying to view an object from different directions at the same time.
I placed some cameras, but if I set one window to camera1, all other camera windows also get set to camera1.

Is it possible to show multiple camera views at the same time?

Alternatively, is there a way to specify the exact viewing angle? (ex: look along vector (-1,-,1-,1) from position (1,1,1) or look to center (0,0,0) along direction (theta, phi))

I’m using Blender 2.49b at the moment, but also have Blender 2.5 beta (will have to install the latest stable later). So instructions for any of them are welcome. :slight_smile:

Is it possible to show multiple camera views at the same time?

Yes, in separate 3d views. For each view, select the camera you want to use and press Ctrl+numpad0
Attached blend with 4 different camera views


cameras.blend (66.9 KB)

Ah, ok, it seems to really be a limitation of blender 2.49. I couldn’t find the “camera list” (view->cameras) in v2.5. I didn’t think of trying to set the active object as camera.
In blender 2.49, it seems to only allow one camera view, so it uses the same even with separate 3d views.

Do you know how to set the viewing angle (without camera) directly by any chance?

No, it’s not. By default, the active camera for each view is locked to be the same as for the Scene as a whole, but if you unlock it you can have a different camera just for that view:

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Ah, thanks a lot. This is excellent. :slight_smile: