How can I write as text the pi symbol on object?

Or maybe as a small image near the text. but this is a screenshot of my space ship and on the side I’m typing some text and I want at the beginning to type or add the pi symbol :

The text should be small like in the screenshot. For example it should look like on the space ship like this:

π Hello world

The pi symbol should be the same size of the text so I also want to be able to change the pi size or to change the whole text size including the pi. but this is the general idea my goal.

I tried to copy paste from google like I did it here now to the blender text either in edit mode or object mode tried to type it in the blender as text alt+227 other things nothing worked.

As for getting pi: (for Windows 10)
Pi is in a font set called ‘Symbols’ and it’s the letter ‘p’(0x70) there.
So in Blender create a text object, go to Data Properties -> Font.
Choose open Font.
Navigate to (normally) c:\Windows\Fonts, Choose ‘Symbol’
Go to edit mode, delete the text and hit ‘p’.
As for the complete text:
IFAIK it’s not possible to mix fonts in Blender.
So I would just make a second text object and scale them both to the same size.
Then you can parent them. (Select both, right click menu -> parent -> object)
Now you are able to scale them together.

I don’t do much Text in Blender, so maybe someone else will come up
with a better solution.

Hope that helps