how can one put light on a object??

how can you put a light on a object like this it doesn’t have to be like this one but it can be a start thank you people :slight_smile:


I think the question should be rephrased. I’d like to know the answer to this myself.

How can a texture appear to be emitting light. e.g. a bulb, or some fairy flowers like above.

At the bottom of the materials’ Shaders panel, there is a slider called “Emit.” It defaults to 0.0000. Give it a value higher than zero, the material will get brighter, as if the material were emitting light.

will this cause it to act as a lamp as well? Or do you still need to add one for the object to cause shadows etc …

You would still need to add a light. Emit just makes the object glow in a sense or maybe a better way to phrase it is utilize the available light better. But it looks like the image that was posted might have particles associated with it as well, unless the little fairy lights were added in afterwards in a 2D graphics program. I think you could also try a spot light with the halo on. You might even be able to do it with a GI skydome (for even ambient lighting) and a spot with the halo on & speculariry off.

I know ma inglish isnt good … but thank u ppl