How can the number of frames for traversing a path be adjusted blender 2.90 alpha

Hello everyone,
I am trying to link an empty to a path. The empty becomes the parent of the camera. When I activate the timeline, the empty follows the path nicely. I have already tried the necessary settings but the path is always run through in 100 frames. I have tried various settings, including keyframes that I have moved afterwards, but I do not change this. I am currently working with blender-2.90.0-464aaf27016f-windows64. How can I change the number of frams? The representation of the path looks good and clear and the calculation works very nicely but always with 100 frames.

Hello @Nobody55,

In the curve’s Object Data properties, you can define how many frames you want the path animation to be.


Thank you so much, I did tick Path Animation but didn’t open it. If you are looking hard, you will simply overlook it in the long run.

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here’s the result