how can u add one texture to one object?

ok the title explains a little. what i want to know is how do i add one texture to mutiple faces with out it changing shape/size. and how do u move vertices with out it changing the texture? oh and i need to know how to do it so that it appears in the game. i know how to uv-map but thats bout it with textureing.

I think you answered your own question, personally i belive UV texturegives you the most control and that’s what I ALWAYS use, even for non-ingame arts.

yah i do use uv-mapping but when i stick it on something that is subdivided it makes it smaller, or strecthed out, its not one big texture.

You can assign different mapping types using the ‘U’ key while in face editing mode(F). This allows much more control over how you want the mesh to get unwrapped.