How can use the bump map in blender game engine?

can you tell me how do I enable and use the bump map on the blender game engine:confused:? thanks for the answers!

Is this for normal map? If so then you need to enable the GLSL mode. And also use Google and youtube.

do you mean bump map or normal map? cause I’ve scene the two be confused before.
If you mean normal map, here is a tutorial by ThaTimst3r.

If you mean bump, thats a whole other can of worms, both normal maps and bump maps are made to change the way light is reflected off your objects to fake geometry. However from what I gather bump maps are used for smaller details.

With a bump map, grey would be the neutral colour, meaning anything at a %50 grey will not be affected. Stuff that is darker, or black, will appear deeper, and areas that are lighter, or white, appear raised.

To enable it just head over to the texture panel under the influence settings, and disable diffuse, and enable normal. you can adjust the slider to change how much the map influences your object.

i mean bump map

(i take this one from the VG STALKER) I’m not sure if it’s called bump mapping or parallax mapping

Bump mapping can be done with the Normal geometry slider in the texture properties tab. What you see int hat picture is Parallax mapping, not bumpmapping.