How can we Rotate an object Diagnolly?

Hello everyone.

I want to know how I can rotate my Object diagonally as if it has its own axis.

Well here’s what I mean. I have this Electron Atom I want to animate. So far I have the electrons rotating around the object going upwards/downwards, and left and right, but I don’t know how to make this other electron rotate diagonally.

I tried dividing the rotation from 350 by 2 and place the numbers In each X,Y, and Z axis but it just makes it all wobbly and stuff.

What’s going on with this thing?

Animate ther rotation on one of the axes. Parent them to an empty located at the centre of the rotation, then rotate the empty to your new angle.

Thanks man. I had difficulties understanding it at 1st but I got it lol. Thanks a lot.