how can we sell our products ?


i have this Head model , i was offering it for free , but just decided to sell it for 5 $ from now < to maintain the website and host it > .

i have made the button , how can i link it with the file to be downloaded ?

i want a service like this for free , not payloadz !!! :o .

how can i protect the product ?

or send it by mail to the buyer ?

thanks .

Check out It might mean less hits to your site, but going through their marketplace is probably A. the best place for your model to get exposure and B. the place to get a high volume of buyers via “foot traffic.”

NEVER use turbosquid. I’ve heard of quite a few artist have been ripped off by turbosquid. To make matters worse, turbosquid also “black mails” artist into making more models for them.

There was a similar thread posted a few months ago about the same topic. Try to search for it.

I could recommend DLGuard - which yes, has a 1 time setup fee of $127. Yes it does seem quite a bit but looking at the options, you can use it for ebay and other sites as well.

As for an open-source version…I’m still looking

Hmm, didn’t know that. I’ve never put anything of mine up there, although I’ve abused their free section from time to time :stuck_out_tongue:

You could make a passworded zip file, with a public download page and send an email with the password to an email address supplied by the buyer.

moley: but that won’t stop people from sharing the password.

just set up a paypal account, identify the item via paypal, and put the button they give you on your site. When someone pays, you get an email from paypal with all their contact info. My store is coming along (target launch is Oct 1); I hadnt considered selling other people’s stuff but I guess I’m open to the idea…

I also want to sell my models and animations, any good idea will be helpfull.

It might be possible, but I could look up on how to make a php server based application to do this. It would take some research.

If I did code something, I would need to know how to approach it and what method should be used.

You have to consider the fact that if you have them able to download it, they could share the link to others. So what are the options for this?

  • Timed download (available to download an allocated time after the first download?)
  • One time download (problems can occur with a corrupt download)

For the next hour I’ll look more into SQL and PHP - I’m not too familiar with so if you have a windows server I might not be able to help you.

how about games? like can we make it boot from a CD and stuff. and not make it burnable

You could sell games yes, but not make it burnable? Yeah…the film industry has been trying that for the longest time. People find ways around it.

Here we go - this might be what we are looking for everyone:

I’d recommend starting with turbosquid, used to work for a company and we bought loads of models from there, also sometimes we contracted the artists directly.

For companies often they don’t want to have each model with its own (different) distribution license, which is an advantage with turbosquid that anything you buy has the same restrictions that are fairly acceptable for commercial re-distribution.

Also, if you make models, be sure to…

  • Model should be ‘complete’, else its not that useful, not just a head, full textured figure, textured ideally with diffuse, specular and normal maps.
  • Make the models to some scale - 1m == 1.0 or whatever.
  • Texture the models, show texture maps in the sample images.
  • weight paint them and include an armature where necessary.
  • Use some well supported format, (recommend OBJ/FBX/3DS - or all of them).
  • Try load the model in another app (even a trial version), to be sure others can use it.

C-106 Delta, you say turbosquid have bad practices, was this your personal experience?

every post is very valuable , thanks …

i have been told about this , i think it’s very good …

what do you think ?

also :

i’m thinking of making full characters like this one <Even Better> , for (12~18) $ .

textures pack ? , just took this on the fly …

for turbosquid , i may post free stuff there for popularity .

depends if you want to sell low poly models or not.
These are fairly good examples of reusable low poly models.
If you can make models this good you can sell them for $20-$100 each. see their FBX rigged model section.

Im not sure how you’d go getting particles out of blender into a game engine or other apps, (as edges is possible but not that useful?).

i think a 3D video tutorial will sell more than anything else …

let’s work on a cyborg bunny < one of my old 3D works > …

or a sci-fi robot of this kind .

edit : thanks ideasman42

another Manga head i made , 5 $ U.S.

Added another point -

Model should be ‘complete’, else its not that useful, not just a head, full textured figure, textured ideally with diffuse, specular and normal maps.

The sort of people that can take a head and model+texture+weightPaint a body, & merge your texture into theirs are most likely the sort of people that could model a head anyway and wouldn’t buy one.
So this is more to say keep going! (not why bother) :wink:

C-106 Delta, you say turbosquid have bad practices, was this your personal experience?
No, but I remember there was a thread a while back where users claimed turbosquid used bad practices including black mail.

Also, turbosquid takes 50% of your profits. For example, if you bought a $50 model on turbosquid, less than $25 actually makes it to the artist.

By the way 3DGURU, those are fantastic models.