How can you duplicate an object but change ones animation without changing the others

I’ve been using blender for about 2 months now so I am still not that great, however I had decided (for no reason at all) to make an animation of two bullets colliding and exploding like in the films (I know its impossible!) However I mad the bullet look really good and needed another so i duplicated it but when i changed the key frames both bullets key frames changed!

Is there anyway of duplicating an object without the same animation sequence?


When you duplicate the object, you also duplicate the IPO curve.

Select one of the objects, open the IPO Curve Editor Window, select all the curves and delete them.

sorry but that just does exactly the same

Go into the Action editor with 1 bullet selected. In the header you can find the name of the action (animation). There will most like be a ‘2’ next to the name. This means that 2 objects are sharing the action. Click on the ‘2’ to make the action single user. Then you can delete the key frames or alter them

Sorry I’m lost.

How does deleting the animation data do the same as copying the object…?

When you copy the object you also copy the animation data, so that both objects share the same animation. If you change the animation for one, you also change it for the other.

If you select one object, go to the IPO Curve Editor window and delete its animation data, you can then animate it separately from the original object as it now has no attached animation data…

Short screencast showing the method.


Got it! Thanks.

Uhm… incorrect. If you delete the animation data (or curves, like you mentioned) from 1 object, you’re still working in the shared Datablock. the animation data remains shared if you don’t make 1 a single user

True enough, I missed a step. Thanks for the correction, and apologies to cameron… :o

This is weird! I have always had the opposite problem! If I make an object and copy it, and then start modelling one of them, only the one I remodel will change, the other one will stay the sam :-000

Modelling is a little different.

SHIFT+D to copy
ALT+D to make a linked copy :slight_smile: