how can you link blender whith flash??

How can we connect Flash file with blender??((((after game will paper interface to player When he click on specific text will going to flash))

You could try the game actuator… I think you can tell it to start a new game, but have it run a separate .blend or exe.

I think you can tell it to start a new game

how can i tell it to start a new game? [i am tiro in game engine^:^]

Try putting the name of your flash file in the game actuators start new game box.(it’s the default type.):stuck_out_tongue:

[B]Minifig>>thanks>> but it do not work with me? is it work with you >>

and >> why do not the text and mouse apper in the game engine ??[/B]

Hmm… I just got home and tried it, and it didn’t work.
You may have to use python…

You can use a python script to show the mouse, but text doesn’t work.(you can model the letters/numbers, or use a texture though)

ok,i am hear about script to run files.exe in python…where can i get it?

One thing to bear in mind is the ‘Security Issues’ of launching an external exe file from within Blender.

This is how mallicious code can infect a system.

I’m not sure whether this is allowable or not in Blender, but even if it is, the call to the external exe may be blocked by the operating system’s firewall .

If you have some cool flash menu, why not just run it from within the Blender game.



I’m sure it can be done with python. Python being a whole programming language and not just a blender scripting language, I see no reason python couldn’t call up an external exe file, or even an swf or something. As for the text in game, there’s a great tutorial here:

One thing to keep in mind is that the font sheet has to be a blender specific font sheet (correct me if I’m wrong). BlendEnzo has the plugin and a tutorial on his site to convert any ttf into a blender font sheet: