How can you make a character animation in blender ?

Like, i got that MakeHuman program, im still trying to get to learn how to export the human models in blender, HOwever what i am more concerned about is how can i make a character animation.
Like, i try using bones, but still something is not good there, i make a bone person, i make it parent with the person i modeled then, i like try to make those bones move. Its like too hard that way.
Im sure there is another way to solve it.

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As to your question… having a proper rig and animating the bones/controls in the rig is how 3D animation is done. It’s time-consuming, meticulous work. But if you’re willing to do it, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of seeing your characters come to life.

It sounds like you are very new to Blender and to animation in general because an experienced animator would know that an armature or rig is pretty much the defacto method of animating characters.

Using an armature to animate a character is the best and easiest way to animate but trying to animate a character from MakeHuman is really throwing yourself into the deep end. Realistic humans are really hard to animate.

If you are new to animation might I suggest you start off with the classic bouncing rubber ball exercise. The are lots of free rubber ball rigs on blendswap plus lots of really good tutorials for that exercise.

Once you got that down, trust me it can take a while to get it right it took me about four or five revisions to get my first bouncing ball animation right, try bouncing balls of different weights(bowling ball, basket ball etc). Those two simple exercises teach you about timing, spacing, mass, arcs etc.

After you get that down maybe try a ball with a tail, here you are learning overlapping action and a small bit of acting. These kind of simple exercise teach you all the fundamentals before you get to the hard stuff like animating humans.

Beorn who is an animator on cosmos laundromat has a really good course on character animation on cgcookie you should check it out.

P.S if you really want to learn animation be smart about it. It is going to take a long time to learn so don’t pour you time into learning how to model, rig and texture the are lots of free rigs on sites like blendswap make use of them.