How can you make a mancandy

after seeing some of the videos of siggraph, I noticed “the circle with the arrows”.
So I thought: Mancandy must have one as well. And he did.
But now I’m wondering, how can you make such a thing yourself?

Thanks in advance!


Bones can now be made to display as objects. Make a shape on a hidden layer and copy its OB:name. Select the armature, go to POSE Mode (corrected, thanks Mike), select the appropriate bone and enter the copied name into the OB: text box in the Armature Bones panel.

You may need to adjust the hidden object to change the way it displays in the armature. Play with it to see how it works.

OK. Thanks a lot! That will surely make my not so good armatures look very professional :slight_smile:

Uhm… This will probably sound very stupid. But I can’t find a “OB” box in the panel. Do you need 2.42a for it (I have 2.42…)? Thanks in advance.

Highlighted in Yellow

Now we discuss payment :smiley:

I believe that should be Pose Mode :smiley:


The Armature has to be in Pose Mode, then the “Ob:” entry field will show up :slight_smile:


OK. Thanks!