How can you model wires or cables?

I’ve got this jet engine I’m making, and its supposed to be covered with cables, wires and small electronic components.

How can I make the cables? I’ve seen a tutorial but it requires that the cable be exactly or modelled exactly on the 0 coordinates of the gird or it won’t work. And I can’t do that as I need it to be stretched along the engine.

How can I do this?

Is there any way to make cables? Can I make a curve and then have a cylinder follow it?


For a simple wire/cable, add a curve and in the curve settings:

  • Set the fill to Full
  • Use the Bevel Depth to set the thickness
  • Use the Bevel Resolution for the cross section smoothness

you can make a curve and just increase the bevel and resolution to make it round

Where do I find these settings, may I ask?

In the curve settings


I am stupid, thanks very much.