How can't Maya be better than blender?

I was on the auto desk website and I noticed that the Maya download was about 2.4GB while the blender one is only 34MB download!! So what im wondering is does Maya have ALOT more features than blender or does it come with pre-made demo models or some.
please note i realise that bigger doesn’t always mean better im just wondering why Maya is such a big download compared to blender.

It comes with HD training videos and, I believe, a material library with image files. The actual core of Maya weighs in significantly smaller than the download. It’s not to say Maya doesn’t have more features than Blender, it does come packaged with some nifty tools, but lines of code are not the bulk of the hard drive footprint.

I know 3dsmax is huge because by design it’s very modular and it’s as if every little feature is a plugin. It comes with texture files etc. but that’s not really the main cause. What autodesk likes to do is buy the rights to a certain third-party plugin whenever a new feature is needed, and the architecture allows for that to be done quickly. For example MentalRay was not distributed with it at first, or the hair combing tools were a plugin called “shave and haircut”. It seems that blender is designed differently, where adding a new feature means recompiling everything, unless it’s a python plugin. Perhaps that makes usage of the code much more efficient?

Thanks, I understand now.

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I will say this about Maya.
maya does in general have more features, maya usually also has a very stable workflow, with little to no bugs.
Blender is basically Maya, but free and lacks some minor support for certain commercial products due to the way GPL liscene works and all that.
however it is also sometimes very slow to integrate new features into the program because autodesk likes to wait until they see a technology is very useful and not buggy, or they insist on making a separate program and adding an option to import to maya, but this is really just a way they make more money, however maya overall is very good, but blender is too.

Incidentally, I’m not sure it’s really that relevant to you, but talking about maya/blender i’ve just put together some basic blender entry info for maya users. I’ve tried to make it relevant for good ol’ plain beginners of no 3D background as well though.

I’ve placed it on my website I think the links should be in the signature.

Anyways, hope someone finds it useful! :slight_smile:

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