How change position of Node Group?

I can create a nodegroup using:

group ="ShaderNodeTree", name="HeightMaps")

but, how can I change the location in screen? The groups haven’t a location prop.

Here, I have an example that I got from Google:

import bpy

# First Group
group ="ShaderNodeTree", name="testgroup")"NodeSocketFloat", "Input One")"NodeSocketFloat", "Input Two")
input_node ="NodeGroupInput")
input_node.location = (0, 0)"NodeSocketFloat", "Out")
output_node ="NodeGroupOutput")
output_node.location = (600, 0)

gtr_math_node ='ShaderNodeMath')
gtr_math_node.operation = "GREATER_THAN" = "greater"
gtr_math_node.location = (200, 100)["Input One"], gtr_math_node.inputs[0])

lss_math_node ='ShaderNodeMath')
lss_math_node.operation = "LESS_THAN" = "less"
lss_math_node.location = (200,-100)["Input Two"], lss_math_node.inputs[1])

add_math_node ='ShaderNodeMath')
add_math_node.operation = "ADD" = "add"
add_math_node.location = (400, 0)["Value"], add_math_node.inputs[0])["Value"], add_math_node.inputs[1])["Value"], output_node.inputs["Out"])

tree = bpy.context.object.active_material.node_tree
group_node ="ShaderNodeGroup")
group_node.node_tree = group

The problem is to change the position of the group. I f you create two groups, both are on the same position. I have been looking all the properties, and only view_center looks related, but it is read only.

I don’t have any problem finding the group node and change location :['Material'].node_tree.nodes['Group'].location

I have found the problem. You need assign the group to the material, and THEN run your line and works.

I was using the Group as nodegroup not as a node in the material.