How close are we to getting OSL on the GPU?

Does anyone here know where we are with this? I keep dabbling in OSL but can’t use it in production because we rely so heavily on GPU rendering. It would be nice to know if this was going to happen any time soon or just to put it out of our minds completely.

If for production, why not have a CPU based external renderfarm handle it?

Note to devs:
Maybe the script node could have an additional socket outputting 0/1 for CPU/GPU? To be used with a mix node to have alternative render for GPU based rendering previews. At least it wouldn’t fail :slight_smile: Just a thought.

I don’t know anything about OSL (can’t code), but due to what I’m guessing it supports, I wouldn’t expect it to be possible on GPU any time soon. They’re even severely limiting what we can do with existing nodes (tons of utility math nodes i.e. that we now have to build ourselves as group - messy, and so easy to mess up) due to Cycles overhead (or something). We didn’t even use to have absolute value available :slight_smile: