How close is too close (Faces)?

Here’s an issue I’ve found (v 2.41) and want to run it past everyone.

First is an upclose image:

Now from a distance:

Same mesh, different distance. The raised panels are all exactly 0.03 blender units from the main body. They behave like partially overlapping faces but they are not. So I can only assume that the math is breaking down somewhere that determines the apparent distant between faces as those faces move farther and farther away (if you know what I mean).

Any thoughts? Anyone encounter this before? Apparently a case of Z-fighting (I guess) but 0.030 should be a great enough distance between faces. Shouldn’t it?

it depends on your clip start/end values… if they are closer together you will be able to have faces closer together without the issue.

So there isn’t an exact answer. Blender’s scaline renderer just like any other scaline renderer [like say your graphics card] will have issues with z fighting, you can just try to minimize it by not putting something too far away and making your clip start/end as close as possible. [also the precision is better closer to the camera]

The clipping values we’re as constrained as could be while still seeing everything that needed to be seen. And the overall distance between the nearest and farthest was less than 100 units.


Your suggestion made me revisit the clipping values and I think I have discovered my first real issue. The start clipping values was 0.00. I then changed it to 0.01 and it now renders perfectly.

Thanks for the suggestion that made me revisit the situation!

how do you put that cool grid in the background… it doesnt look like the grid behind my renders

It’s a grid I made in PhotoShop that I use as a “Backbuf” for renders. The one I use has my copyright info on it but here is a plain version if you’d like to grab it.