How combine transparency and bump in one material

Hi All,

Could you please help me with material for my device. I need to add a bump to the buttons and transparency to the small windows. It works separately but can’t make it together.

Thanks in advance.

Use a mix shader to mix the two material nodes and use an image texture or vertex colour to control how those materials are mixed:
Black = zero = 100% top mix node input
White = one = 100% bottom mix node input

Sorry did not get how to make it. If one material should be white other is black but in my case, I have 3 materials. Buttons and windows and material between buttons and windows.

Mixing 3 different materials using 2 b+w textures to define where each material is applied to the object


multi_material.blend (121 KB)

Thanks Richard! Realy appreciate your help. Please see my result. In the beginning, I used the same image for bump position and bump height and it was wrong. Now got it. I have one more question. If you see on the image grey plastic texture did not apply to the image texture. When I connected image texture to the group node it kill texture. Is ti possible to multiply image texture to the group node shader?
Thanks in advance.