How come my game is running really slow?

(jordans2) #1

I accidently posted this in the wrong catagory earlier. I saved my game to an executable and I’ve been trying to figure why it goes extremely slow; it takes about 5 to 15 seconds just to do a small move. I found it only does this when I load the UV textures in, with no textures it works fine. Please help.

(saluk) #2

Does the game work normally when its not in an exe? On my computer I have problems when it’s an exe, but things run ok from the blends.

If its just the speed of your graphics card thats the problem, the blender game engine is pretty intensive compared to how much power it has, (IE, takes a lot of graphics horsepower to run things that should be possible with much less hardware) and textures are going to be a definate area of slowdown.

(rav_bhara) #3

i had the same prob until i updated my graphics driver. Get it from the net. Also you need a good card