how come this won't work...

i downloaded makehuman mh180b.
i got all the proper lib files. and whenever i open the .blend file the basemesh is loaded. when i run the scrip i get an error to check the console.
this is the error.

Traceback < most recent call last >:
File “”, line 263, in draw
IndexError: list index out of range

I’m using blender 2.34 makehuman.ini points to all the right sections.
on winxp box. i haven’t had any trouble with any thing blender related until now. please. i already tried searching the forum.

I had this same problem for the longest time. I searched everywhere for a fix and finally found one. I’m sorry to say I can’t remember where I found it but try this:

In, on or about line 34 is the line:
WinSize = Buffer(GL_FLOAT,4)

Comment out that line (or delete it) and replace with:
WinSize = [1,1,500,500]

And make sure the following line is commented out:

So it should look list this:
#WinSize = Buffer(GL_FLOAT,4)
WinSize = [1,1,500,500]

thanks. it works fine now.