How come when I try to edit my mesh after adding a meta-rig it explodes?

I tried this suggestion on another help forum but it didn’t work:


This is a before and after if I just try to extrude a face or add a new mesh in edit mode. I even tried deleting the rig but that didn’t work either.


thanks for any help

Your shape keys all contain “exploded” geometry. If you delete them all, you’ll have a mesh that doesn’t show these problems.

You have the smile shape key activated, so when you change the topology all shape keys break. In fact they were already broken (you can see that if you increase the value). You can’t really change the topology for shape keys after you’ve created them, you’ll have to edit the Basis shape key instead.

To fix the shape keys you can select the Basis shape key, go to edit mode, select all vertices and do Shape Propagate, that should fix it. Then make sure you’re editing the Basis shape when changing the topology and you should be fine. I had the same issue yesterday though, didn’t notice I had a shape key selected on a mesh part when I joined another part to it…

So once you make shape keys you can no longer edit your mesh? If so, ugh, so much work that would have to be redone. :eek:

You can, just not on any other shape key than Basis. You used to not be able to do this at all I think…

Oh, hey, it’s you again Cyaoeu. Thanks! This puppy is starting to be quit the burden. I should mention that I don’t want to animate it.
Just want still shots for a children’t book. So I you see something that I don’t need to be doing, don’t be afraid to tell me. OMG, it was an easy fix thanks.

[ATTACH=CONFIG]425099[/ATTACH]While you are here, how can I control his eyes like this girls instead of the way he does in the tut. The puppy’s eye movements are more similar to here’s than his model in the tut.

For the controls you can add custom shapes to the bones.

shh weet… :eyebrowlift:

You also have unapplied rotation and applying the rig to the mesh while you have the mirror modifier on and you cant take that off without deleting the shape keys.

It wont deform nicely either because you have loads of ngons and stray vertex + you have lots of doubles as well.

I deleted the shape keys applied the rotation, cleared the doubles, got rid of the funny circular bit of mesh with triangles on his back and replace it with quads and got rid of the few stray verts and other ngons that were obvious, applied the mirror modifier parented the rig and did a basic hand weight paint as it wouldn’t auto because you have loose mesh parts and probably some other odd bits of geometry tucked away.

Seems to work ok now and does not explode :slight_smile: , it’s a really cool chr, really like it.

Holy coy Umll, thanks (I think) I don’t think I know what a lot of that means. Sounds scary. Um the funny thing on his back is a tea cup because that’s his name. So you think that will be a big problem later on?

Ahh ok I didn’t notice that :slight_smile: is it just supposed to be a fur patch that’s shaped like a tea cup, if so I’d just unwrap it and paint it and use that as a mask to do whatever if you wanted it to be a bump map or fur etc. If it’s some sort of real 3d tea cup you’ll have to post a bit of concept art or something because I can’t visualize it :slight_smile:

The automatic weights didn’t work because the mesh and rig aren’t centered, here is an example with mirroring applied: explode a.blend (279 KB)

Yeah, it’s supposed to be a spot on him that looks like a tea cup.I posted a question on how to make the patch but didn’t get a response. The models in the scenes of the book need to be as simple as possible because rending at some point could get crazy with multiple characters, environment, etc. So fur is definitely out of the question. I haven’t painted and made a mask. I tried to watch some poor tuts on it and got frustrated. I am open to any methodology that would make things look better, easier to model and make him look better if you have any.

OMG, I just realized that you lifted his leg to make him look like he’s going to the bathroom! :evilgrin:

How did you do that Cyaoeu? I tried to center everything and when I checked it all the bone jumped around when I went from edit to pose

This is an easy way to do it, I just (badly) uv unwrapped it, then just create a new uv image that is black and save it (I packed the demo image hopefully) then create a default material add an image texture node and load that black image, then (the vital bit) make sure that image node is highlighted then got into texture paint mode and the image you have highlighted will be there to paint. Paint white on the black then set the material up like I have in the example and the black will be one colour the white will be another.

You can obviously make much more fancy nodes that that but thats the basics. Also you might want a hard brush, depends on what look you are going for.

I fixed the geometry point Cyaoeu picked up on, I never noticed because I had painted the weight :wink: I also fixed his back where I haden’t noticed the mirror modifier had not joined properly.

Hopefully that gets you on the right track, off to work on my project now :slight_smile:

For the mesh, type 0 in X, then do Cursor to Center and Set Origin: Origin to 3d Cursor, then make sure everything is at 0 (just type 0 if it isn’t). For the rotation Apply Object Transform and check rotation.

For the armature, edit mode, select everything, do Selection to Cursor (offset), then just move everything up constraining to Z, then back constraining to Y.

Hmmm… I think that’s pretty much what I did. I will try again…

I ended up playing round with it and got a bit carried away, built a basic face rig and sorted out the mesh’s a bit if it’s any use to you! Actually quite pleased with the eye rig was tricky as they not spherical so that was fun :slight_smile: