How could I call my community project?

Hi Folks

My Name’s Pete and I will resurrect Project Steam Train in Germany, building a local 100+ people Blender user group. While I still like the steam Train analogy, I’m not really fond of the term ‘Project’ anymore. It feels like every other guy does a project X. So, what might be a third or fourth word to add to ‘Steam Train’ that sounds good.

I used the steam train because it’s a huge task for one person without funding to keep that thing rolling, but it might build up a lot of momentum if the engine (me) is in good shape and enough coals are generated.

I chose Steam Train back then becuase of the sheer power of these beasts. I admit, I’m nostalgic and there are stronger electrical trains today, but the visuals of a steam Train are stunning and it’s more fun to model one.

To Illustrate it a bit further: For a moderate monthly fee, I teach Teens and grownups all that I know about blender and coordinate their goals towards making shorts or other small multi person projects.

I’m teaching Blender since 2005, I’m using it since 2001 and somebody might have seen me at the conference in Amsterdam since I’ve been to all of them.


That is so wonderful. Getting a project [for want of a better word] like that is of immense scale. My best advice is that you start with a website first. As with most undertakings of such great scale, you will find members come and go all the time. Take heart - it’s all part of the game. You win some, loose some, but the job must be done!

Instead of dissecting this, rather make some silly names up. They might be inspiring (:

So please stay ontopic. We’ll see about the scale later. But it’s gonna be wonderful, I fully agree.

Challenge or endeavor are good for space shuttles. Doesn’t work too well here.