How could I have a spotlight rotate, "x" degrees, and then change the rotation?

I’m working on a spotlight thing for an effect of my first game, but…I’m not sure how to do this…

I’d really appreciate some help,

this is in the wrong forum
just do it manually with an ipo

I just…assumed it was supposed to go here because it’s…something in the GE

It’s always better to read than to assume. The correct forum is the one named GE support, not the one named GE demos.

That said, I’m not really sure what your question is- it sounds to me like you want the spotlight to rotate, then rotate x degrees, then change rotation- in other words to rotate 3 times? or did you want the spotlight to just rotate a certain amount?

Yeah, create keyframes as you might for an animation, then add logic bricks to run an ipo on the object.