how could i have my blender interface to look like this image?

hey guys,

I am new to blender. when i enter the blender and import my model it looks like a dark environment. i have 2 questions:

1- how may i change the color of space and background of main window of blender into white or blue? (instead of default grey environment)

2- as you see in the attache image, in some 3d software like meshmixer or 123dcath, it is possible to have a photo-realistic rendered or shaded model. it is possible to edit the mesh of model while it is still in photo-realistic shaded mode. is it possible to have such look in blender?



1 - World settings in properties window

2 - apply the texture to the objects material. Set the viewport to textured or rendered. Texture view will display UV mapped textures if you set the shading to GLSL in the properties panel (shortcut N) under ‘Shading’
If you don’’ want the lighting to affect the texture you can set the material to be ‘shadeless’ in the material settings

Material viewport shading already shows material assigned textures with glsl.