How could I make Wind affect an IK bones chain?

Hello everybody;

I’ve been using Blender for a week now and I have always easily found a solution for everything I wanted to do, but for this one, i guess i’m just stuck:

I have this mesh of an underwater plant with its own IK bones chain, working perfectly.

But I also have a wind force coming from one side, and I’d like the plant to wave with it. It’ll work as the “tide”, I don’t want to just animate the tip of the plant (the last bone): I intend it to be as realistic as possible, since there’s some other elements affected by the wind in the scene.

How could I do that? I’ve tried to turn the mesh into a soft body (with desastrous results), or parenting the bones to the wind, but nothing would work. I’m sure there’s a simple solution i’m just missing. I’ve searched manuals and tutorials, but still nothing.

I’d really appreciate any help or ideas you could provide me. Thanks in advance, folks;