How could I UV Unwrap my model properly?

Hi guys,

So I’ve been using blender for quite a number of years now and have grown to the point where I personally feel I’m fairly competent with hard-surface modelling.

However, one thing I’ve never actually bothered to do was learn how to UV unwrap things properly. I recently found Sketchfab and want to put some of my work on there but it relies on real-time rendering (as far as I know). As such, I’d need to unwrap my model and put textures on UV’s for my models to display properly.

I have the following model:

As I learn from proper examples, how could I achieve an unwrap of the above model?



how could I achieve an unwrap of the above model?
Such a question is so vague. There are an gazillion ways you could unwrap the object and we don’t even know the topology as you have failed to supply the info. We don’t know if it is made from 100 polygons or 100,000,000 faces. Keep things simple and unwrap at a low a poly could as possible.
Take the time to actually look at your object (something that many people actually fail to do) and look where there are actual seams. Think about the real object. Add seams to these edges
Note you don’t have to unwrap the whole object at once
Select areas and unwrap. For hard surface you may get better results changing the unwrap method from the default Angle Based to Conformal (in the UV unwrap options)
For a quick and dirty options use the ‘Smart UV Project’ uv unwrap option.
Just look at the object and think how you would actually make this if it was from a sheet of paper. There is nothing special about UV unwrapping, just use your brain to imagine the object made of folded paper.