How could you make an object moving? (movie help too)

LEts see, i made my ship, i made another ship, i made the space, but i would like to move these objects To make a film,

I tried to look at the animation howeer i dont know how could i make the object move automaticly, so like not that i go to logic and then i put a key.

And then how do i save this as a movie file.

ANyways, is there a place where i can learn more about animations, i like search at wikipedia, from noob to pro, but i didnt got with much.

I learned the animation, i think it was, here:

Find the video tutorial named, it is probably this one:
“Key Framing and IPO Curves”

Then you can go watch Mancandy FAQ, you’ll find it with search words.

I learned keyframing from the ‘juicy blender’ keyframe tutorial. I don’t know if it’s still up though. Basically, the process goes like so: select your object, and press i. from the menu that will appear, select ‘loc’ ( location ). now advance a few frames. Move your object to a different place, then press i again. choose ‘loc’. Now when you cycle between those frames you should see your object moving from the first to the second location. Good luck.