How Craft a pattern over a model

Hello, i just started my first project on blender and i would like to know how i can deal with this floral pattern of a sword that I’m modeling.

P.D: The one in the blade and the one in the handle.

one way would be to use Dyna sculpt
then do a retopo to get a clean mesh

happy bl


Model them as separate geometry inside one object, or as separate objects, which go on top. Starting as separate objects, you could use different object types and modifiers to help create the forms.

As such, the pattern on the blade could be modeled flat and intersecting the blade a bit. The patterns on the handle could be also modeled flat, and then use simple deform modifier to round them, shrinkwrap modifiers with or without vertex groups if needed. The structure has to align more or less to the deformation direction, the same as a cylinder has many segments to curve the form.

Most of it could also be faked with a normal or bump map. Those don’t affect the silhouette though, which would be more apparent on the handle.

Normal map. All the way. Unless you’re going for some crazy millimeter-altitude flyby cam, that detail will never occlude, there’s no need for geometry.

Well as you can see, theres a lot of different technic possible.

I can add one, use an svg pattern ( floral, tribal etc ) transform it as curve, then to mesh ( there will be a lot of cleaning to do ) shrinkwarp on the model then extrude.

If the “floral” pattern is simple, can even just model it easely with curve and then use the same shrinkwarp method.

Anyway, as Bandage say, a normal map is too an excellent way for do it ( just need have the texture map, or create it )

Have a look at Mira Tools and this particular video

I also posted just earlier on another modeling thread something that I am working on for TexTools: Mesh Textures. Its a tool that creates a new mesh that has 2 shape keys: one that looks like the UV map and the 2nd that looks like the 3D model. With those 2 shape keys you can then morph between the 2

Here is a view from the shape keys in the UV mesh properties
What I have is still somewhat experimental - currently adding some more polish but I uploaded a snap shot of the latest TexTools in development version here:

1.) select your single object that has UV’s and press the ‘Mesh Texture’ button
(in the Mesh tab of TexTools which is in the UV window tools panel)
3.) place your decorative mesh over the UV mesh and select both
4.) Press the ‘Mesh Texture’ button again - it will now wrap the model

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