How dedicated is your computer for 3D modeling?

Just wondering about it. it would also give me a little idea of how much of users like 3D modelling.

Me? I use mine just for 3D execpt for a little IM and internet surfing. that all.

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My PC is definitely not for 3D modelling. I crased my main workstation and am working on my backup… and this aint worth it! My main station was a 2.8Ghz, 512MB RAM, GeForce FX5200 128MB, which is decent for 3Dmodelling at my level!

Hm mine isnt that good either:

AMD Athlon 64
1 Gig RAM
80 Gig Harddisk
and Geforce 5900

What i wished for:

Dual–Core Processor
4 Gigs of Ram
And a Geforce 7900 GTX SLI


Fully implemented Realtime Shading of OpenGL in Blenders Viewport

256mb RAM
400mhz pentium2

You dont even need to know the rest of the stats to figure out my comp sucks

I use my computer mainly for the Internet, CG and works for the University. It’s not really THAT good anymore (3,4 GHz AMD 64, 1 GB RAM) but it’s enough for a smooth workflow and alright rendertimes, even at somewhat larger resolutions (if I don’t get too high with the quality…). So, I definitely won’t complain, looking at Hafanui’s specs :wink:

Yes, I’m here so everyone else can feel good about themselves :smiley:

Mine’s getting antiquated::-?

AMD Athlon 3000 +
128 MB NVIDIA GeForce 6800 OC
80 GB HD

I’m waiting to earn enough for a new one…Those new iMacs are looking pretty nice.8)

[quote=“hafunui”]256mb RAM
400mhz pentium2

You dont even need to know the rest of the stats to figure out my comp sucks[/quote

Purpose built 100% 3D workstation.

7300 Boxx Technologies
2x 244 Opteron (1.8GHz)
4GB ram (dedicated 2GB per CPU)
Nvidia Quadro FX 1400 128MB DDR
Twin 19" monitors
Win XP Pro x64 bit


you must be a very lucky man:

Nearly what i am dreaming of. :<

I rather enjoy the challenge of making my 450Mhz 256Mb PII creations work well. You really need to learn some shortcuts and tricks in your work and I think that is good.

Over the past 7 or so years I have used my computer for many purposes. Some very specific and some quite general. It is nice to run a Linux system as I can set it up to suit the purpose at hand.

Believe it or not I first found out about Blender around version 1.6 or 1.7 when the C-Key started. I was looking for a CAD or drawing program for electronics on Linux. At the time I used my comp specifically for electronics. The times change but my little workhorse computer keeps rolling with them ( thanks to linux and source code builds):slight_smile:


1 Gig Ram
ATI 9800
320 GB (4 Hd’s)

Built mainly for 3D, video editing, and programming.
(Of course a little bit of gaming never hurts! :smiley: )

For my part,

i began to put aside every € that is possible to afford a good workstation.

I’m planning to expense something around 5000 - 7000 € at the ending of the next year to give my productivity a boost. Actually i realize the the performance limits of my Desk are disillusioning me.

Everything that is bigger is impossible, cause i’m a very impatient person.

Right now i have 4 Computers

  • My main workstation described above
  • a Fujitsu-Siemens Primergy TX 150 Server
  • a P4 2,4 Ghz office PC
  • a Samsung X10 Notebook (Centrino 1,3 Ghz, 768 Ram)

These will form a little Render-Farm in my cellar, when i bought my new machine. Hopefully this thing will turn into a performance-monster to my purposes and give me the chance to do more professional work.

I’ve started a few months ago with i think version 2.36 but right now i’m totally addicted to blender.

Keep blendering guys.

Bye Gjevon

I can’t belive you all complain about having such nice PC’s!

You guys are spoiled.

Mine’s almost completely for CG. I built mine for modeling in particular, but it’s the main computer so I do other stuff on it too.

Phenom II 3.2GHz (quad core)
GeForce 8800GS

…plus three other lesser computers for the Luxrender farm :wink:

yeah, I do a good amount of 3d work on mine, but I also do a lot of gaming and surfing the internet.

Quad Core Phenom II 3.0GHz
2 GB RAM (would be 4, need to send back the bad stick)
XFX GTS 250 (512mb)
20" monitor (1680x1050)

Saw this poll and thought i’d participate - some serious gear here and not sure if teh 450 Pii’s are serios out their comps or not -

Interesting if you are - saw Hafunui’s gallery - nice stuff for a PII -
myself - the one comp i have working - is a
Dell XPS 1.73 ghz -
2 gig of ram
13.3 screen -
no graphics card
no audio card - just the integrated stuff - which aint much
running winXP2

does it work with anything… barely but i can make a UV sphere with hair -
but only once… then it coughs - sits down takes a rest or goes to sleep on me
I told it to quit smoking when i’m trying to do 3D
it won’t listen… oh well.

I do a lot of stuff like facebook, msn, movie making. Mostly movie making. But yea blender takes up a whole chunk of it.

Nvidia Geforce 9800GT video card.

I need more RAM

I built my computer 100% for 3D, but I got a nice graphics card for gaming as well.

Intel 2.4 GHz overclocked to 3.4 GHz - quad core
4gb ram
Nvidia 8800 gt with 512 mb ram

Idles at around 30 degrees C

Depends what you mean by ‘dedicated’… When it was time to upgrade my work PC, I made a strong case for a powerful processor - so they got me a bog standard Dell OptiPlex 960 - but with the best processor at the time (Core2Quad 3.0 GHz). The rest is the standard Dell hardware - ATI Radeon HD3470 graphics, 4GB RAM.

What further ‘dedication’ could I want that would make Blender run better, other than an even faster i7 processor?