How delete a selection at once in the text editor?

I’m experimenting with Python in Blender for the time and when I select a portion of text and then push Backspace or Delete nothing happen. Very strange behavior imo. Is there a way to delete a selection at once without deleting all characters one by one?

Have a good day everyone!

Select a bit of text and press <del> works here?

Also, just because you’re ‘experimenting with Python’ doesn’t mean this is a coding question so moved to the proper support forum.

Sometimes I can delete the selected zone of text, sometimes I have to push Delete repeatedly to make it happen (rather than only once), and other times nothing happen at all. So I’m wondering if other people have encountered the same issue and should be reported as a bug.


I understand now what’s going wrong. After I made the text selection my mouse cursor was slightly outside the window, so the text editor is no longer active.