How deleting all materials and material slots?

Hi how i can delete all materials and all material slots
i have a file with many materials and one object has more then one material (in other slots) is there a way to delete all of them?
i started to delet all materials over the outliner, but the slots a still remaining… any ideas?

Below the + and - Icons there is a downward looking arrow, the darker one. There you get some options for enhanced material usage. “Remove Unused Slots” could be a option for you. But you still need to do this for every shader.

ok thx, but it dont delete the unused slots :frowning:

i have to say thats an imported fbx file from max… mybe this the problem dont know

Is a material defined? This only works with empty slots. To delete unused materials you must go in the Display Mode of the Outliner and use “Blender File”. There you go to materials and delete all you don’t use. Then every slot should be empty and the function I told you should work.

yes i deleted all in this category:
but for each object there are still slots with “empty” materials.

Hmmm, thats strange… I’m sorry, for me this works. I hope someone else will help you.

hey MontagID,

maybe consider sharing the blend file.

sorry i cant - it is 2.3gb big :confused:
unfortunately iam not allowed to share the file…

lol - sorry ot - but now iam missing the buttons for render settings etc.

hmm, what blender version are you using?

version 2.81.16

its back…

So you want to delete every material linked to the object and the unused material slots as well?

i have over 100 objects an each object has a material or more (in slots) - i would like to use ONE material for ALL objects - my plan was -> creating one material i want to use - select all objects -> ctrl+l > link materials - for this object which has only one material this works - but for the materials they have more then one material (in the slots) i have to delete the slots manualy

(hope you understand me - englisch is not my native language)

It looks like it was made for you :wink:

I use this here:

thx for the links - i will look into it.

it seams you are right :smiley:

Ok, now I understood it. There is a neat blender add-on - Material Utilities.

Activate the add-on and select every Object you want assign your one created material.

Now press Shift + Q for the context menu of the Material Utilities go to Clean Slots and then click on the Remove All Materials slots.

All you need to do now, assuming you have still every Object selected, press Shift + Q again and choose Assign Material > select your created material.

oki thx. i have to change the shortcut because i installed hard ops… und the pie menu from it has the same shortcut shift+q

I’m glad it worked out for you well, happy blending!