How did elysiun looked before update?

I was wondering how Elysiun looked before the major update

anyone with an old screencap? :slight_smile:

i found thisone of Cgtalk :o

It looked the same except there were a few more features like the gallery section and such, which should hopefully be in the new site that should be up at the end of summer i believe.


early 2003

may 14th 2003

I think this lasted up to the last update.

I used the WayBackMachine :slight_smile:


I loved the 2001-2002 design. Seeing that first link (IamInnocent’s) brought back memories of times when most threads weren’t pointless :wink:

Thx iaminnocent :slight_smile: that’s even better than a screencap 8)

But the art has gotten soooo much better : I think that this is most relevant.


The site was not just a forum provider in those days.
That might have something todo with it.

the 2002 design doesn’t seem to be too different from today’s design. Basically not being quite as fancy

The old design brings back memories…
Aw, now I miss the CJ’s! Where’s goofster??

In part, yes. But it the fact that certain people* weren’t present at the time also has a lot to do with it.

I really miss the old days :frowning:

*NOTE: The term people is being loosely used to refer to spammers, who might just be part of a whole 'nother species or something.