How Did My Boxes Get Shaded?

I made those shaded boxes after the rest. I can’t remember what I could have done to accidentally have made them shaded. I’ve looked at various settings and they all look ok.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Figured I should add in another question.
I deleted the shaded boxes. However, I seem to have deleted something necessary for the last “regular” block before the shaded. I can no longer select it as a face. Why can/can’t I delete to prevent a removal of a “face”?


How Did My Boxes Get Shaded?

Stains in your boxers hey?

In Edit mode select all verts with A and Ctrl-N and then Remove Doubles with W. Then in F9 buttons, Links and Materials tab click SetSolid. Tell us if that doesn’t work.


What you could have done is pressed the e key more than once when you extruded the cube. Common mistake. Fligh’s advice will fix it.