how did they do that??????!!!!!!

on the main blender website they have for download a short animated clip called dragon fall. It features backing music and sound fx. Is all that possible in blender. Or do you have to use a seperate piece of software to add sound to your animations?


No you do not. Blender has and integrated sound system. Move the cursor to the button window at the bottom of the standard blender screen setup. Press F10 to go to the render window then click that button in the window header that looks like a sine wave. You will have several buttons appear that will let you add a sound file and adjust its volume,direction e.t.c.

If you want to integrate that sound sample with video inside blender press Shift_F8 to get a video sequencer window that will give you a timeline where you can add video,effect on that video and sync them to sounds.

thanks so much SHABA1
for the quick reply!!!

Im off to try it out!!!

I tried it out!!!

I put together a simple animation with a red cube bouncing up and down on a green plane. I entered the video sequence editor window and pressed the add button and picked a sound from my desktop. I placed the sound ( a bouncy sound) at the proper frame in my animation(when the cube appeared to bounce against the plane beneath it). and played my animation. Instead of my sound playing a distorted buzz played. Is there something you have to do to the sound before you place it on the timeline?

also is there a tutorial for this part of blender available?

ok I figured out the buzzing problem. I had the main mix db level set way too high. but I would still like to find a tutorial!!!