How did they do this

I’ve been searching all day for a tutorial or example on how to do something like this.

Basically heres what I’ve tried so far.

I have a rigid body set up in the game engine. I have a force field keyframed to set the strength up. But the game engine doesn’t seem to use the timeline.

How do you think he did that? I’d really like to replicate the effect. I thought it sounded simple enough, but Blender works really weirdly in my opinion…

I’d start with the car just before he throws it. In the game engine, you’ll need to use the logic bricks to apply the force to get it thrown. Once it looks the way you want, record the game engine physics to keyframes. Next, I would manually add the keyframes for the first few seconds when he lifts it up, and use the game engine generated keyframes for the throwing action.

Here’s a tutorial: